A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Created for the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam. This project plays like a standard 2D shooter in the vain of Mega Man and Metroid, but there's a catch; the level is in complete darkness. And you can't take it slow; your HP drains over time, so you have to rush into the unknown.

As according to the theme, everything is designed to have a dual purpose.. For example, you can move the player's soul with the mouse to light the way, but it also serves as your reticle for shooting. You can also use enemy pickups to recover HP, or you can gather them with your soul to temporarily increase how bright it is. 

Created by: Pierce Taylor

Intended Platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux (Only tested on Windows)) 

Software Used: Unity, Photoshop, and Paint

Install instructions

Download the zip file, unzip it, and run the executable.


revenant1.2_Data.zip 13 MB